Hamilton kart racers are preparing for their biggest meeting of the year when the Hamilton kart club hosts round four of the Victorian Country Series, incorporating the annual Handbury Titles, this Sunday.

The club’s racing members are gearing up to square off with the some of the best drivers from all across the state on their home turf.

Following rounds at Horsham, Warrnambool and Cobden, every driver has a story of disaster, and a promising one to match.

For Clubman Heavy driver Matthew Crane, it will be a welcome return to the series. After a breakout first podium at Warrnambool, Crane was involved in an unfortunate practice crash in Cobden, resulting in broken ribs. He says ‘the awesome fun with great friends’ keeps bringing him back to sport. With three rounds remaining in the 2010 series he is searching to achieve his goal of finishing inside the top five.

Series veterans Ron Taylor, Andrew Stubbs and Ken Lampard are set to renew hostilities on track with the likes of Leon Forrest, Glen Henley, Bevan Walker and Co in the Over 40s class. Whilst fierce rivals on track, they value the mateship of their competitors, often reliving their races corner by corner afterwards.

The Benson brothers, Mav and Harley, are another pair of drivers who are keen to improve their series standings at their home round. Mav will again compete in Clubman Light, looking to secure a top five points position, whilst Harley will hope to consolidate his podium position in Junior Performance.

For some it is the lure of competition, for others it is the social side that brings them to the series.

Barry Pech isn’t focussing o series points this year, but relishes the opportunity to be involved in ‘the strong competition’ the series provides in the Clubman Super Heavy class. Paul Hicks on the other hand is having a year off, but still ‘likes to come and catch up with everyone’, whilst also turning the spanners on various karts. As always, a few local wildcards are set to enter the event, hoping to use their home track knowledge to post a result in cameo appearances.

With competition set to further intensify leading into the back end of the Victorian Country Series, The Handbury Titles kicks off what should be an enthralling run to flag, with events in Ballarat and Portland to follow.

Competitors looking to enter for this weekend’s event can lodge their entry online at until 8pm this evening (in order to make the program), or competitors can enter at the track until Sunday 8am.

2010 Victorian Country Series Round 4
Entry List

1. Jack Nolan
2. Mitch Glynn
3. Dylan Hollis
4. Jordan Pianezzola
5. Michael Dillon
6. Kirby Hillyer
7. Daniel Thompson
8. Blake Walsh
9. Jordan Rae
10. Brayden Souter
11. David Denboer

1. Dylan Howell
2. Jackson Freer
3. Jake Dixon
4. Jarrod Dwyer
5. Thomas Prascevic
6. Tyler Harrison
7. Jonathon Bradshaw
9. Will Hawkes
10. Jack Thompson
11. Josh Munn
12. Callan Belmonte
13. Mitch Quiddington
14. Scott Denboer
15. Kobe Trigg

1. Mitchell Sires
2. Braydon North
3. Zac Soutar
4. Mitchell Broome
5. Ryan Broome
6. Sam Baker
7. Dylan Harrison
8. Jayden Sharrad
9. Sam Baker
10. Ayrton Sudholz
11. Brock Henley
12. Damon Strongman

1. Todd Hazelwood
2. Jake Campana
3. Teagan Osborne
4. Carly Walsh
5. Aidan James
6. Gus Robbins
7. Anton DePasquale
8. Ayrton Sudholz
9. Jake Heard
10. Michael Womersley
11. Luke Walker

1. Harley Benson
2. Luke Bergens
3. Simon Hodge
4. Steph Munn

1. Todd Hazelwood
2. Simon Hodge
3. Jake Campana
4. Teagan Osborne
5. Aidan James
6. Gus Robbins
7. Anton DePasquale
8. Michael Womersley
9. Luke Walker

1. Mat Keiller
2. Josh Tapscott
3. Dale Beaton
4. Andrew Rae
5. Brian Ramsden
6. Ash Quiddington

1. Josh Tapscott
2. Bradley Anderson
3. Aaron Johnstone
4. Andrew Rae
5. Ash Quiddington
6. John Dankowski

1. Ashley Lear
2. Stephen Lee
3. Mat Keiller
4. Maverick Benson
5. Declan Sherwell
6. Damien Stevens
7. Anthony Magilton
8. Justin McLean
9. Robert Moore
10. Tyler McDonald
11. Sean Creek

1. Scott King
2. Brendan McGinniskin
3. Bobby Bourke
4. Matthew Crane
5. Jason Harrison
6. Brayden Place
7. James Head
8. Aaron Johnstone
9. Peter Sparks

1. Billy Askew
2. Scott King
3. Dean Marshall
4. Barry Pech
5. Brenton Smith
6. Mick Angwin
7. Scott Ferguson
8. Andrew Hayes
9. Martin Golledge
10. Steve Jones-Sexton
11. Darren Thomas

1. Bobby Bourke
2. Paul Janicki
3. Mark Cottrell
4. Leon Forrest
5. Peter McDonald
6. Andrew Stubbs
7. Craig Widgery
8. Wayne Heard
9. Stuart Sparks
10. Ron Taylor
11. Ken Lampard
12. Glen Henley
13. Bevan Walker
14. Steven Shuttleworth

(RL 155kg and X30 160kg)
1. Kelvin Crane
2. Dale Beaton
3. Ben Kilsby

(RL 175kg and X30 180kg)
1. Trevor Handley
2. Kelvin Crane
3. Michael Seeary
4. Andrew Purcell
5. Mark Hill

1. Barry Stevenson
2. Peter McDonald
3. Callum Clissold
4. Josh Willett
5. Corey McCullagh

RESTRICTED 125 (As per 2010 AKA manual – chapter 32 – Page 210)
All 125cc engines: Light 160kg and Heavy 180kg
1. Brett North
2. Ben Hardy
3. Dale Cook
4. Anthony Ciavatta
5. Malcolm Clissold
6. James MacDonald
7. Glenn Croxford
8. Alex Thomson