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6th September 2019


I mentioned earlier in this email that we had a great 4SS forum discussion at the Building Better Kart Clubs conference.

It gave us the chance to hear some of the real success stories in the formation and initial growth of 4SS in its first 18 months. What is important for our sport and our Clubs are the initial sceptics turned 4SS disciples’ stories.

Kevin Davis from Torini engines in just 5-10 minutes on his whiteboard gave one of the most import explanations of 4SS – and why every Club should be properly considering getting on board the 4SS train sooner rather than later. Kevin’s session opened a lot of minds as to what 4SS is all about – building our clubs through the use of simple, easy to use, easy to run, uncomplicate, low cost karting that is mainly for fun and targeted at the beginner and retention market. It is informative and compelling and has been sent to all Clubs.

By the way – we really don’t mind the lawnmower jokes – after all, 4SS is all about FUN in RACING! (Checkout the Oakleigh Go Kart Club’s Facebook Page for their first 4SS race day experience.)

But 4SS isn’t just for beginners. I can’t say it any better than Ken Munro – one of our members said to us in an email that we received last week

“Hi Lee,

I wanted to drop you a note to commend Karting Australia on what they have done by introducing the 4SS classes into racing. It really is a cost-effective way for people to get in to Karting and then see if they want to stay in that format or move on to other classes.

For me personally my son has been racing karts for over 3 years, with me soon retiring due to medical reasons (and the lost income that comes with that) the 4SS class is allowing my son to continue racing for which I am very appreciative.

I really think you have nailed it with the weights in the 4SS classes too.

I know there are always too many people willing to whinge about things but I just wanted to thank KA for setting up this class of racing and the weights put in place. Well done.

Kind Regards,
Ken Munro”