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30th June 2022


The OK-N concept that was approved by the FIA World Motorsport Council last evening (https://www.fiakarting.com/news/latest-decisions-fia-world-motor-sport-council-concerning-karting-13) was presented by CIK-FIA Executive Secretary Alban Martinet to Karting Australia’s senior management in a private briefing in mid-May.

“It is an exciting concept both in terms of the pathway that CIK-FIA are striving to create and the senior engine itself – which is similar in many characteristics to the KA2 (Junior) engine that has proven to be so popular at Australian Kart Championship over the past 8 years,” said Karting Australia CEO Kelvin O’Reilly

“Lee Hanatschek and I were both very impressed with the overall OK-N concept which is still in its very early stages of development. It is a question of how it fits into Karting Australia’s high performance competition structure in the future.

“As the FIA and Motorsport Australia’s delegate for Karting in Australia, we have very strong relationships with both the FIA and CIK-FIA and we are in regular contact with the sport’s World Governing body for motorsport.”

Mr Martinet and FIA Championship Manager Simone Perego were keen to share details of the OK-N concept that have now been approved by the World Motorsport Council and to learn more about Karting Australia’s competition structures and our elite competition – the Australian Kart Championship.

“Now that the OK-N concept has been approved by the World Motorsport Council, Karting Australia looks forward to receiving further updated information as it becomes available on the next steps that will be taken to give life to the OK-N category,” added O’Reilly.

“One thing that is certain is that Karting Australia will be at the forefront of OK-N because of the opportunities we believe that it can create for our national competitions and the pathways that it can create internationally.”