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29th September 2020

STATEMENT: Bridgestone Kart Tyres


In the wake of Bridgestone’s recent announcement that it intends to cease the manufacture of kart tyres and to exit the world karting market at the end of 2022, Karting Australia would like to reaffirm the supply and services until the completion of the current tyre tender on December 31, 2021.

“Currently, Bridgestone supply tyres to our Cadet and KA4 classes across Australia and will do so until the current Tender expires in 2021,” said Karting Australia’s CEO Kelvin O’Reilly.

According to the Bridgestone announcement, “The decision to discontinue kart tyre supply was made through a careful examination of the company’s portfolio and resource allocation to reflect operating environment changes consistent with the Group’s Mid-Long-Term Business Strategy. However, Bridgestone will be fully responsible for the supply of kart tyres until December 31, 2022, at which time outstanding supply contracts with customers are scheduled to conclude.”

“The announcement from Bridgestone will be a shock to everybody in the karting fraternity, but my team at Patrizicorse will continue to offer the highest level of customer support to all our customers across Australia whilst continuing to supply YJL, YLR and YDS tyres to karters around Australia until the end of our contract” said Patrizicorse’s Managing Director Michael Patrizi.

“We have a contract with Karting Australia that will see us continue to distribute the Bridgestone brand until the end of 2021, something we are proud to do.”