The polesitters for tomorrow’s championship finals at the 2012 Nash Bros. Western Australian Open Sprint Kart Championships in Bunbury this afternoon.

Cooper Murray and Jordan Caruso finished one-two in the Rookies category to make it an all-Victorian front row for tomorrow’s 22-lap final.

In the Junior Clubman category, former Australian Champion Jesse Elliott will start on pole position after dominating the 15-lap pre-final this afternoon. Elliott will also start from position three in the Junior National Heavy category, where Nicholas Rowe and James Allen will occupy the front row.

The Davis family are on track for a successful Sunday with Matt Davis dominating the Open category and Nathan due to start on pole position for both the Clubman and Leopard Light finals.

While the CM:S system is due to be updated at the end racing tomorrow, the AKA will bring you updates (including screen grabs of most results) throughout the day through Facebook and Twitter.

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2012 Nash Bros. Western Australian State Championships
Bunbury, WA

RESULTS: Pre-Final – Top Five

1. Cooper Murray
2. Jordan Caruso
3. Ethan Patience
4. Samuel Dicker
5. Jesse Thomas

Clubman Super Heavy
1. Ashley Pittard
2. Lee Foster
3. Wayne Harris
4. Nathan King
5. William Nicholson

Junior Clubman
1. Jesse Elliott
2. Thomas Schou
3. Nicholas Rowe
4. James Allen
5. Patrick Martin

Clubman Heavy
1. Adam Levi
2. Bradley Fitch
3. Ben van Ryt
4. Matt Davis
5. Simon Minton

Junior National Heavy
1. Nicholas Rowe
2. James Allen
3. Jesse Elliott
4. Chad Pittard
5. Tayla Dicker

1. Keb Evans
2. Harrison Hoey
3. Damon Papasergio
4. Nathan Williams
5. Jack Cattalini

1. Matt Davis
2. Wayne Gough
3. Jeremy Pitt
4. Shane Ratcliffe
5. Bryce Watson

Over 40s
1. Rob Landsmeer
2. Kevin Offer
3. Bruce Skyring
4. John Ray
5. Kym Pelham

Rotax Heavy
1. Simon Gwilliam
2. Guy Webster
3. Mathew Chambers
4. Nathan Chapman
5. Joel Gray

Leopard Light
1. Nathan Davis
2. Ben Stewart
3. Anthony Martin
4. Kip Foster
5. Bradley Fitch

Senior National
1. James French
2. Simon Minton
3. Ryan Johnstone
4. Jordan Hounsfield
5. Siobhan Sutherland

Junior National Light
1. Bryce Fullwood
2. Nikola Mitic
3. Thomas Schou
4. Shae Thompson
5. Brodie Green

Rotax Light
1. Joshua Merritt
2. Cody McLachlan
3. Dean Whittome
4. Lewis Sutherland
5. Simon Gwilliam

Clubman Light
1. Nathan Davis
2. Anthony Martin
3. Steven Scoble
4. Blake Stanton
5. Kerry Foster