Notebook from the Victorian Championships

Formula One names come to Geelong
This weekend’s Victorian Championships has got a bit of a Formula One feel about it with a number of karts bearing the names of Formula One stars hitting the track.

The RK (Robert Kubica) Kart made it’s Australian debut today at the hands of James Macken (Rotax Light) and Jaxon Evans (Junior Max) while Pierce Lehane and Rick Pringle are steering a LH (Lewis Hamiton) Kart in the Leopard Light and Rotax Heavy ranks respectively.

The ultimate kart swappers
There are a few names that these drivers could be referred to be, the ‘ultimate kart swappers’ is the most family-friendly of the lot.  This refers to the drivers who have raced the most number different chassis throughout their careers.

After scouring the Geelong pit area across the last couple of days can confirm that Victorian Jason Stania has driven more brands of karts than anyone else in attendance.  The current CRG driver has competed aboard 24 different marques during his lengthy career – one more than KerbRider’s Reif Corbett.

Stania’s 24 makes currently consists of Zip Kart, HKS, Benson, Speed Kart, Swiss Hutless, Dino, Energy, Tony Kart, Top Kart, PCR, Excell, Fullerton, Trick Kart, Arrow, Demon, Phoenix, CRG, Haase, Kosmos, Kali Kart, Silhouette, PRD, Talbert and an Intruder.

New colours for Varley
After 18 years of competing aboard the Australian-made Arrow kart, which brought him a pair of National Championships in 1998, New South Wales driver has debuted his new ‘darker’ colours this weekend.

Varley is competing aboard a CRG kart in the Clubman Heavy ranks at Geelong – the scene of his dual victories in the 1998 Nationals.

 Quote of the Day
All these years I thought it was just that my kid could drive fast, now I know it’s actually been my kart set-up skills.” – George Sera (father of 12-time National Champion David Sera), after the driver he is mechanicing for, Mark Dorbolo, claimed pole position in Clubman Heavy.