As the elite karters strutted their stuff at Port Melbourne in the final round of the CIK Stars of Karting Series last weekend, a few hours down the road more than 120 newcomers to the sport were vying for top honours at the Gippsland circuit in the Annual C and D Grade Australasian Titles.

The Titles, hosted by the Gippsland Go Kart Club in Victoria, provide the opportunity for those drivers who have been in the sport for only a short period of time an opportunity to race against drivers of their own experience.

A total of 12 categories were contested across the weekend ranging from the Midgets featuring drivers as young as seven years of age through the more experienced in life in the Clubman Over 40’s ranks.

At the end of the day the titles were won by Nicholas Cardomone (Midgets), Lachlan Naismith (Rookies), Kayla Caruso (Junior National Light), Nikola Alger (Junior National Pro), Ryan Aitken (Junior National Heavy), Paul Mills (Senior National Pro), Joshua Sarton (Clubman Light), Gavin Masterman-Smith (Clubman Heavy), John Stanic (Clubman Super Heavy), Rod Capuano (Clubman Over 40’s), Martin Richie (125 Restricted Light) and Stephen Jabke (125 Restricted Heavy)

2010 C and D Grade Australasian Titles

Clubman Heavy
1. Gavin Masterman-Smith. Gippsland.
2. Rod Capuano. Oakleigh.
3. John Schena. Gippsland.
4. Ian McPherson. Oakleigh.
5. Chris Heraud. Oakleigh.

125 Restricted Heavy
1. Stephen Jabke. Oakleigh.
2. Shane Wharton. Eastern Lions.
3. Martin Richie. Oakleigh.
4. Mark Johnson. Mildura,
5. Vern Kranz. Oakleigh.

Junior National Light
1. Kayla Caruso. Gippsland.
2. Nikola Alger. Gippsland.
3. Justin Carless. Oakleigh.
4. Wade McLean. Tasmania.
5. Jayden O’Sullivan. Gippsland.

1. Nicholas Cardomone. Eastern Lions.
2. Zakkary Best. Albury/Wodonga.
3. Jack Bell. Oakleigh.
4. Michael Smith. Oakleigh.
5. Jai Sparey. Oakleigh.

Clubman Super Heavy
1. John Stanic. Oakleigh.
2. Shane Wharton. Eastern Lions.
3. Mick Fisher. Oakleigh.
4. Darren Thomas. Geelong.
5. Robert Panzanio. Eastern Lions.

Junior National Pro
1. Nikola Alger. Gippsland.
2. Benn Schena. Gippsland.
3. Kayla Caruso. Gippsland.
4. Mitchell Sires. Ballarat.
5. Justin Carless. Oakleigh.

125 Restricted Light
1. Martin Richie. Oakleigh.
2. Aron Lawrence. Oakleigh.
3. Scott Cole. Gippsland.
4. Fillippo Casella. Todd Road.
5. Ross Miller. Gippsland.

Clubman Light
1. Joshua Sarton. Gippsland.
2. Cruz Cody. Gippsland.
3. Marcel Ghoukassian. Oakleigh.
4. Stephen Lee. South West.
5. Craig Bedggood. Bairnsdale.

Junior National Heavy
1. Ryan Aitken. Gippsland.
2. Dylan Slits. Oakleigh.
3. Nathan Jones. Oakleigh.
4. Leighton Clague. Oakleigh.
5. Benn Schena. Gippsland.

Clubman Over 40’s
1. Rod Capuano. Oakleigh.
2. Bruce McLean. Oakleigh.
3. John Schena. Gippsland.
4. Peter Aitken. Gippsland.

1. Lachlan Naismith. Oakleigh.
2. Jordan Holowell. Oakleigh.
3. Luke Guillou. Oakleigh.
4. Jack Bentley. Goulburn Valley.
5. Todd Sparey. Oakleigh.

Senior National Pro
1. Paul Mills. Eastern Lions.
2. John Schena. Gippsland.
3. Michael Clarke. Gippsland.
4. Rikky Carey. Gippsland.