Karting Australia Officials & Committees

Members of the Karting Australia Executive Commission

Executive Commission Standing Orders
David Laughton (New South Wales)
Brenton Taylor (Northern Territory)
Brett Aird (Queensland)
Craig Denton (South Australia)
Rob Distill (Tasmania)
Russell White (Victoria)
Gary Light (Western Australia)

Members of the Karting Australia Functional Committees

Functional Committees Standing Orders

Governance Finance and Risk Management
Glen Egan – Co-chairperson
Phil Smith – Co-chairperson
Paul Colless

Technical Committee
Rob Crawford – Chairperson
Ashley Woolner
Frank Lowndes
Mark Close
Hanz Barth
Eric Pender

Competition Committee
John Reynolds – Chairperson
Mark Horsley
Lee Hanatschek
Michael Masi

Safety Committee
Craig Denton – Chairperson
Dr. Brent May – Chief Medical Officer
Gavin Dicinoski
Graham Jensen
Ross Gathercole
Tony Manson

Officials Committee
Craig Denton – Chairperson
Mark Horsley – National Officials Coordinator
Mark Campbell
Derek Ferry (New South Wales)
Mark Hogan (Queensland)
Glen Wall (Victoria)
Dale Sherbud (Tasmania)
Phil Twigg (South Australia)
Tim Driscoll (Northern Territory)
John Wishart (Western Australia)

Marketing and Communications Committee
Troy Bundy – Chairperson
Robert Sharp
Lee Hanatschek

Vintage Committee
Heath Butt- Chairperson
Stephen Moxon – Secretary
Noel Judd
Don Tomich
Robert Morton
Brendan Reed
Geoff Wade
John Cutting

Karting Australia National Officials

National Officials Standing Orders (Updated October 23, 2017)
National Technical Commissioner – Ashley Woolner
National Officials Coordinator – Mark Horsley
National Medical Officer – Dr Brent May
National Prosecutor – Mark Horsley
National Tribunal Registrar – Warren Jeffrey
Delegate for CIK, Safety and Officials – Craig Denton
Vintage Delegate – Heath Butt

Karting Australia National Stewards Panel

National Stewards Panel Standing Orders
Co-chairperson – John Wishart
Co-chairperson – Mark Horsley
Co-chairperson – Phil Lane