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About Karting Australia

The Australian Karting Association Ltd trading as Karting Australia is the governing body for the sport of Karting in Australia. Formed in 1966 the AKA has produced some of Australia’s finest motor racing talents.

Karting Australia is the sole body in Australia recognised by the Federation Internationale de ‘l Automobile (FIA) and Motorsport Australia to organise and control the sport of Karting in Australia.

FIA is a member of Global Association of International Sports Federations and is recognised as the world-wide organisation for the control, regulation and supervision of motor sport including the division of motor sport known as Karting.

International Karting is controlled by the FIA Commission Internationale de Karting (FIA Karting). Karting Australia holds Australia’s seat on the International Karting Commission.

In accordance with Article 4 of its Statutes, the FIA has appointed Motorsport Australia as the National Sporting Authority (ASN) and the sole body to control motor sport in Australia. Motorsport Australia is an NSO recognised by Sport Australia.

The power and authority to organise and control Karting within Australia has been formally delegated to Karting Australia by the General Assembly of the FIA through Motorsport Australia.

In accordance with Article 5 of the FIA Statutes, at the request of Motorsport Australia, the General Assembly of the FIA have delegated the Sporting Power for Karting in Australia to Karting Australia.

Karting Australia is the body that is solely responsible for the international licencing of Australian Drivers who wish to race in overseas karting events. We work closely with Motorsport Australia and hold a formal delegation of authority agreement with them.

Karting Australia is also a founding member of motorsport’s national advocacy group the Australian Motorsport Council that was formed and launched in late 2020.


Karting Australia’s Structure

Karting Australia is a member based, not-for-profit organisation. It has operated as a Company Limited by Guarantee with an independent Board and professional management since 1 September 2013. Prior to that date, AKA Inc. operated as an Incorporated Association and had governance and oversight on the sport since 1966.

Karting Australia operates under a Federated Structure.

Karting Australia’s Chief Executive Officer is Mr Kelvin O’Reilly, a professional sports administrator with four decades of senior management experience in professional sports management including 25 years in motorsport.

On 16 October 2019, the seven Member States and Territories unanimously approved a new AKA Ltd Constitution based on the Sport Australia Template Constitution (customised to suit the specific needs of OUR sport and the company.)

The Member State Presidents comprise Karting Australia’s Executive Commission under the Chair of the CEO.

There are 64 karting clubs from across Australia that are affiliated with Karting Australia and our Member State Associations.

Our Member State Associations remain separate legal entities, and their direct members (the Affiliated Karting Cubs) agree to operate in accordance with all applicable laws and Karting Australia’s Rules, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures. The Clubs are required to reaffirm their commitment to Affiliation and to adherence with the National Rules annually.

They adhere to and follow the strategic direction set by Karting Australia and enshrined in our Strategic Plan that is constantly monitored by the Board and comprehensively reviewed triennially with our Member States.

Karting Australia licences all Affiliated Club racetracks, more than 6,500 participants and 1,000 volunteer officials. We regulate more than 1,000 events and practice days annually with more than 40,000 event participations and hundreds of thousands of competition and race laps every year.

Karting Australia provides Public and Product Liability and Personal Accident Insurance that is specifically tailored to the needs of motorsport for all Member States, Clubs, Drivers, Officials, Volunteers and Permitted (Sanctioned) Events.

Karting is ‘racing for all ages.’ Under the Karting Australia rules children as young as 6 years of age can obtain their first licence. They can start to race at 7 years of age, and some continue to compete into their 70’s. Very few sports can boast such a diverse range of ages for its competitors.

Karting develops and nurtures road safety and driving skills. A great many karting facilities across the country are also used to facilitate and teach important road safety programs that benefit the general community.

Karting Australia estimates that the economic contribution of the sport of Karting to the Australian economy is more than $60 million annually.



Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Karting Australia’s vision and purpose for Australian Karting to be recognised as a destination sport and the starting point of local, state, national and international motor racing with a community of karting clubs that provide motorsport activities that are enduring, inclusive, well organised, safe, exciting, fun and family friendly for people of all ages.

Through our Karting Community – our Affiliated Clubs, Member States and Karting Australia, and Competitions at all levels, we will inspire and encourage more people to participate in the sport of karting as a competitive sport and as a recreational activity thereby enlivening and growing karting.

The Karting Australia Board as an imperative that all karting competitions should be fun, fair, well run, and provide the best value for money that is achievable, in a quality environment where people can participate for the simple enjoyment of sport and to be able to strive for success at elite levels.

Sound principles of governance, administrative responsibility, decision making for a fit and proper purpose at National, State and Club levels, respectful, fairness and transparency in officiating and the conduct of the sport at all levels are matters that should not be taken lightly – to do so will alienate those who have a right and a desire to compete in Karting on a level playing field.

Karting Australia’s mission for our sport is to lead, govern, promote and grow the sport of karting in Australia.

  • The Australian karting community will constantly strive to provide safe, fun, family oriented, well organised, time efficient, value for money motor sport for participants of all ages.
  • The Karting Australia Board and Management will strive to provide leadership, governance and guidance to the national karting community.
  • The Member State’s Management and Executive Committee’s will strive to provide effective leadership, governance and guidance with ‘whole of sport’ aligned objectives to their state karting community.
  • The Clubs Management and Executive Committees will strive to provide effective leadership and management with ‘whole of sport’ aligned objectives to their Club community.
  • We commit to always provide karting competition for our members that is conducted with fairness and integrity.
  • We commit to provide a sporting framework that ensures that our Clubs are welcoming and inclusive.
  • We commit to provide social and recreational karting for our members that is fun and well organised.
  • We will strive to achieve increased diversity and in particular female participation in motorsport.
  • We will develop the value of our brand and in so doing will establish and grow partnerships with key stakeholders and sponsors to improve the business and the sport of karting in Australia.

The member associations of the Association are the State Karting Associations of the six States of Australia and of the Northern Territory:

  • Karting Tas Inc.
  • Australian Karting Association (SA) Inc.
  • Karting Australia (NSW) Inc.
  • Australian Karting Association (QLD) Inc.
  • Karting WA Inc.
  • Australian Karting Association Northern Territory (Inc)
  • Victorian Karting Association Inc.

and such other incorporated Karting Associations which all existing members agree to admit to membership.



Kevin Davis – Chair
Andrew Westacott
Garth Tander
John Reynolds
Melissa Holzberger
Michael Masi
Rob Crawford
Samantha Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Kelvin O’Reilly

Chief Operating Officer/Australian Kart Championship Manager

Lee Hanatschek

National Office Staff

Accounts/Admin – Mandy Doyle
Sport Development Officer – Amanda VanderWal
Operations and Sport Development Specialist – Tiff Kemp
Social Media & Communications Co-ordinator – Tayla Purves

International CIK Delegate

Craig Denton



State Administrator – John Martin
Email: admin@kansw.com.au


State Secretary – Jenny Taylor
Email: secretary@kartingnt.com.au


State Administrator – Annette English
Email: admin@kartingqld.com.au


State Secretary – Rob Burgemeister
Email: secretary@kartingsa.com.au


State Secretary – Margie Bricknell
Email: info@kartingtas.net.au


State Secretary – Pam Arnett
Email: secretary@kartingvic.net.au


State Secretary – Michelle Lino
Email: secretary@kartingwa.com.au


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