22nd December 2023


Karting Australia has introduced an esteemed Honours and Awards program to recognise outstanding contributions and achievements within the Australian Karting community.

In a significant move to immortalise unsung heroes and foster pride and camaraderie, Karting Australia proudly unveils its Honours and Awards program. Integrated into the Volunteer Management Framework and Strategic Plan, this initiative acknowledges individuals for their exceptional commitment, leadership, and passion, contributing significantly to Australian karting.

The program includes four distinguished honours:

Life Membership
Recognising individuals for exceptional leadership, commitment, and passion, enhancing the value and standing of Australian karting. Criteria include a minimum of 8 years of active involvement, positive impact on the sport, unwavering integrity, innovation, and exemplary leadership.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bestowed annually for outstanding contributions at the national level, with a stringent criterion requiring a minimum of 12 years of sustained and significant service, profound positive impact, unyielding integrity, consistent innovation, and exemplary leadership.

Impact On Karting Award
Acknowledging outstanding individual contributions and leadership at state and/or national levels. Criteria comprise a minimum of 10 years of active involvement, profound positive impact, unwavering integrity, consistent innovation, and exemplary leadership.

Service Award
Recognising diligent service at the national level in increments of 5 years, starting at 5 years and extending to 25 years. Criteria include sustained and significant service, positive impact on the sport at the national level, integrity, innovation, and leadership.

These awards form an integral part of Karting Australia’s commitment to recognising and honouring those dedicated to the growth and elevation of karting in Australia. The belief is that such recognition motivates and inspires both awardees and their peers, fostering a culture of excellence and achievement within the Karting Australia community.

Each honour comes with specific criteria, nomination requirements, and a meticulous procedure for awarding, ensuring that only the most deserving individuals receive these prestigious accolades.

Nominations for Life Membership, Lifetime Achievement Award, Impact On Karting Award, and Service Award will open in January and can be made by Directors, the CEO, and existing members, and must be submitted with detailed accounts of the nominee’s contributions and seconded by at least two members.

The process includes thorough evaluation by the Karting Australia Board of Directors, voting, and final approval at the Annual General Meeting. Successful nominees will be honoured at the annual Karting Australia Awards ceremony in May.

State Associations are encouraged to follow the same criteria for State Service Awards to mirror the national program, encouraging nomination requirements, and procedures for nominations, considered by each State Executive.

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