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14th December 2015


2016 engines and tyres able to be used immediately

Karting Australia advises that the homologation process for the Vortex DVS Engines is now complete.

As a result, these engines – to be used in the KA1 and KA2 classes in the Australian Kart Championship along with Open and Junior Performance at other levels – are available now for use on Karting Australia circuits.

The homologation documents, along with an accompanying technical bulletin can be found below:
Vortex DVS
Vortex DVS Homologation Bulletin 115H-1

Vortex DVS Jnr
Vortex DVS Jnr Homologation Bulletin 116H-1

Information on the new Vortex DVS engine is available here.  There is a trade-in offer available for current KF2 and KF3 competitors, read more here.

These engines, along with the allocated tyres for 2016 across ALL classes, are able to be used for practice on Karting Australia circuits effective immediately as per the Memorandum available here.