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Accredited Photographers

Karting Australia Accredited Photography current as of 19 February 2024.

Should you wish to apply for/or renew your Karting Australia Photography Accreditation please complete the application form available on portal.karting.net.au or the Karting Australia Licensing App.

Any questions regarding Photography / Videography at Karting Australia events should be directed to admin@karting.net.au

First Name Last Name Expiry State
Ash Armitt 31/12/2024 VIC
Nathan Brown 31/12/2024 QLD
Peter Buchanan 31/12/2024 QLD
Andrew Daley 31/12/2024 VIC
Steve Dansie 31/12/2024 VIC
Kevin Davies 31/12/2024 QLD
Joel Fitzgibbon 31/12/2024 NSW
Tim Francis 31/12/2024 VIC
Ben Griffin 31/12/2024 NSW
Andrew Hooper 31/12/2024 WA
Darren Isaac 31/12/2024 VIC
Jack Lewis 31/12/2024 VIC
Rob Lloyd 31/12/2024 NSW
Jacqueline Mann 31/12/2024 QLD
Pamela Mathews 31/12/2024 NSW
Bradley McLaren 31/12/2024 VIC
Ben Roehlen 31/12/2024 VIC
Jarryd Simonka 31/12/2024 QLD
Jeffrey Smith 31/12/2024 QLD
Tracey Stallan 31/12/2024 QLD
Daniel Tanner 31/12/2024 VIC
Mark Wicks 31/12/2024 VIC
Gavin Willadsen 31/12/2024 NSW

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